Jimmie Women Start Season with Two Home Wins

The University of Jamestown Women started the season with home victories over Providence and Saskatchewan Saturday afternoon.  Winning twice for the Jimmies were Junette Caldera (101/109),  Josie Bartishofski (123), Jacqueline Parks (143), Myranda Velazquez (155), and Agatha Andrews (191)

Jamestown vs U. of providence
101 (J) Junnette Caldera (win – forfeit)
109 (J)forfeit vs (P) Yoneoka (loss- forfeit)
116 (J) Jamayia Blackston vs (P) lana Hunt (win tech 10-0)
123 (J) Josie Bartishofski vs (P) Alina Kinsey (win tech 11-0)
130 (J) Arianna Marrufo vs (P) forfeit (win forfeit)
136 (J) Desiree Estrada vs (P) forfeit (win forfeit)
143 (J) Jacqueline Parks vs (P) Jenna Awana (win Pin 1:30)
155 (J) Myranda Velazquez vs (P) Maria Enriquez (win Pin 1:19)
170 (J) Alyssa Schrull vs (P) Anastasia Hardin (loss pin 5:29)
191 (J) Agatha Andrews vs (p) forfeit (win forfeit)
Final Team Score: Jamestown 38 to 10
Jamestown vs U. of Saskatchewan
101 forfeit vs forfeit
109 Junnette caldera vs A. Schell (loss tech 0-10)
116 Jamayia Blackston vs Katie Dutchak (loss dec 0-6)
123 Josie Bartishofski vs forfeit (win forfeit)
130 Arianna Marrufo vs Sueann harms (loss tech 2-10)
136 Desiree Estrada vs Angela Aalbers (loss 2-8)
143 Jacqueline Parks vs forfeit (win forfeit)
155 Myranda Velazquez vs forfeit (win forfeit)
170 Alyssa Schrull vs Maddie Haney (win Dec 3-2)
191 Agatha Andrews vs forfeit (win forfeit)
Final team score: Jamestown 26 to 15

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