Mary Lineup Preview 141-149

Previous Mary Previews: 125-133



Depth Chart

141 Starter  Next Man Up Keep your eye on
FR Dakota Galt

Trevor Fauver

SR Hunter Eckert

Hunter Eckert is back and ready to roll for the Marauders after a 14-8 season that included a 7-5 record in dual competition.  Eckert was solid all year long, and brings with him a funky style that is hard to prepare for and frustrates most everyone he lines up across from.  Eckert’s strong defense and big score ability gives him a chance to win every match he wrestles, but it can also put him in bad positions and lead to giving up back points.  Finding a good balance will be key in his push for an NCAA tournament berth this season.

There are two intriguing freshmen to keebehind Eckert in Dakota Galt and Trevor Fauver.  Galt is a four-time South Dakota state champion with the goods to be make an immediate impact at this level.  He enters this season unable to compete after being dismissed at Arizona State, but will be ready to go next fall.  Fauver is a state champion from Nebraska.


Depth Chart

149 Starter Next Man Up  Keep Your Eye On
FR Max Bruss Cameron Hegel

Devin Steidler

Devyn Sweem

Quinn Whitmus

Braydon Huber

SR Noah Huff

Lineup mainstay Rudy Guillen has transferred to Dickinson State, so 149 will be the first spot with a new face for the Marauders.  The fight for the spot Guillen leaves behind is likely to be a three horse race between Noah Huff, Max Bruss, and Braydon Huber.  Huff is the elder statesman senior, while Huber and Bruss are freshman poised to potentially make an immediate impact.  Bruss was a Wisconsin state finalists last season who is a hammer on top and has no plans on redshirting.  Huber is an Idaho native with a high motor and loads of skill from neutral.  149 is a prime example of the improvements that Adam Aho has made in his five years on the Hill from a depth standpoint.  Along with Huber and Bruss there are four other freshmen in the room battling and making everyone better.  North Dakotans will recognize Devin Steidler, who was a state champion for Bismarck High last spring.

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