Class A State Duals: Round 1 Individual Matchups to Watch

+Listed individual ranking based on current NDwrestle rank and not tournament seed

#1W Bismarck High vs. #4 E West Fargo

120:  #1 Wilfried Tanefeu (Bismarck) vs. #6 Cole Irwin (West Fargo)

138:  #2 Preston Fettig (Bismarck) vs. #6 132 Kaleb Porter (West Fargo)

145:  HM Ben Nagel (Bismarck) vs. HM Declan Genova (West Fargo)

152:  #1 Brock Fettig (Bismarck) vs. HM Spencer LeDoux (West Fargo)

170:  #1 Gage Roaldson (Bismarck) vs. #4 Joel McIntosh (West Fargo)

#2E Devils Lake vs. #3W Bismarck Century

113:  HM Ethan Springer (Devils Lake) vs. #3 Neal Bohrer (Century)

126:  #2 Brant Fisk (Devils Lake) vs. #4 Hayden Johnsrud (Century)

132:  HM Sam Shomento (Devils Lake) vs. #4 Devin Schulz (Century)

170:  HM Parker Vilandre (Devils Lake) vs. #3 Jacob Boehm (Century)

182:  #2 Colby Rance (Devils Lake) vs. #5 Anthony Carranza (Century)

285:  #5 Jack Kuntz (Devils Lake) vs. #2 Konnor Stordalem (Century)

#2W Minot vs. #3E Fargo Davies

126:  HM Payton Combs (Minot) vs. HM Clayto Nissko (Davies)

160:  #3 Chase Burk (Minot) vs. #5 Ty Weber (Davies)

182:  #4 Isaac Fernandez (Minot) vs. HM Rylen Reid (Davies)

220:  #6 Preston Jones (Minot) vs.  #1 Truman Werremeyer (Davies)

#1E Valley City vs. #4W Jamestown

106:  #2 Koye Grebel (Valley City) vs. #6 Grady Anderson (Jamestown)

113:  #4 Ethan Miller (Valley City) vs. #2 Aden Braun (Jamestown)

126:  HM Austin Rogelstad (Valley City) vs. #5 Joel Bowman (Jamestown)

138:  HM Evan Meilke (Valley City) vs. #3 Colton Mewes (Jamestown)

152:  HM Ezra Hanse (Valley CIty) vs. #4 Noah Braun (Jamestown)

170:  HM Broden Muske (Valley City) vs. HM Johnny Browning (Jamestown)

195:  HM Jonah Schuldheisz (Valley City) vs. HM Austin Kessler (Jamestown)

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