Wilfried Tanefeu Advances to Quarterfinals at U16 Nationals; Four North Dakotans Still Alive

Bismarck High state champion Wilfried Tanefeu is the only North Dakota Cadet still alive on the championship side of the bracket at the U16 national championships in Fargo.  Reece Barnhardt (Bismarck), Nathan Schauer (Ashley), and Isaiah Huus (New Salem) still remain in the wrestlebacks.  Tanefeu started the day with consecutive technical falls including a 10-0 victory over Abraham Hinrichsen of Illinois.  He then scored back to back 8-4 victories over Kody Glithero of Indiana and Braden Brasile of Florida.  Tanefeu has looked fantastic from neutral, using the elbow pass to score effective to both sides of the body.
Bismarck St. Mary’s two-time state champion Reece Barnhardt ran into an early buzzsaw in Pennsylvania’s Rocco Welsh, but Barnhardt was able to string together four consecutive backside technical falls on the backside and remains alive at 120.
Two of North Dakota’s best young Class B wrestlers are making their presence felt on the big stage.  Nathan Schauer of Ashley and Isaiah Huus of New Salem both dropped tight first round bouts before winning two on the backside to advance to Sunday’s second day of action.  Action in Fargo will pick up again Sunday at 9:00 AM.  North Dakota’s Juniors will also take the mat for the first time.
North Dakota Cadet Freestyle Results
106 Christian Tanefeu (North Dakota) VPO1 Joseph Fernau (Illinois), 9-7
106 Gable Porter (Iowa) VSU1 Aden Braun (North Dakota), 12-2 3:18
106 Greyson Clark (Wisconsin) VFA Christian Tanefeu (North Dakota), 7-6 3:53
106 Aden Braun (North Dakota) VSU Shehzad Sayyed (Arkansas), 10-0 1:38
106 Christian Tanefeu (North Dakota) VSU Jacquvi Paoli (Oklahoma), 10-0 1:42
106 Aden Braun (North Dakota) VSU1 Kevin Lopez New York (New York), 13-2 2:24
106 Colton Bornholdt (Minnesota) VPO1 Christian Tanefeu (North Dakota), 11-6
106 Aden Braun (North Dakota) VPO1 Peyton Moore (Missouri), 12-6
106 Joseph Fernau (Illinois) VSU1 Aden Braun (North Dakota), 12-2 3:14
113 Wilfried Tanefeu (North Dakota) VSU Colton Jackson (Washington), 10-0 0:29
113 Wilfried Tanefeu (North Dakota) VSU Abraham Hinrichsen (Illinois), 10-0 1:45
113 Wilfried Tanefeu (North Dakota) VPO1 Kody Glithero (Indiana), 8-4
113 Wilfried Tanefeu (North Dakota) VPO1 Braden Basile (Florida), 8-4
120 Conor Smetana (Illinois) VFA Houston Crimmins (North Dakota), 2-0 0:37
120 Reece Barnhardt (North Dakota) VSU Johnny Lopez (California), 10-0 1:39
120 Carter Bailey (California) VSU Kaden Decoteau (North Dakota), 10-0 1:00
120 Rocco Welsh (Pennsylvania) VSU Reece Barnhardt (North Dakota), 13-0 1:43
120 Luke Cambere (Texas) VPO1 Houston Crimmins (North Dakota), 9-4
120 Reece Barnhardt (North Dakota) VSU Boede Campbell (Ohio), 11-0 1:00
120 Kaden Decoteau (North Dakota) VPO1 Sean Bonner (Texas), 21-15
120 Reece Barnhardt (North Dakota) VSU Treyton Ackman (Wisconsin), 10-0 1:35
120 Caleb Nadig (Illinois) VSU Kaden Decoteau (North Dakota), 10-0 1:04
120 Reece Barnhardt (North Dakota) VSU Cooper French (Arizona), 10-0 1:46
120 Reece Barnhardt (North Dakota) VSU1 James Homfeld (Missouri), 13-2 2:40
126 Caleb Chaves (Maryland) VSU Dawson Richter (North Dakota), 10-0 1:33
126 Kaden Renner (North Dakota) VSU Brendan Lovelace (Arkansas), 10-0 1:06
126 Drake Rhodes (Montana) VSU Dawson Richter (North Dakota), 10-0 2:00
126 Eli Rocha (Missouri) VSU Kaden Renner (North Dakota), 10-0 1:26
126 Kaden Renner (North Dakota) VPO1 Evan Reid (Washington), 18-14
126 Kal Miller (Missouri) VSU1 Kaden Renner (North Dakota), 12-2 3:45
132 Isaac Felchle (North Dakota) VSU1 Luke Ciampa (New Jersey), 12-2 1:39
132 Daniel Cardenas (Colorado) VSU Henry Nelson (North Dakota), 10-0 0:37
132 Noah Tolentino (California) VPO1 Isaac Felchle (North Dakota), 12-6
132 Isaac Felchle (North Dakota) VSU Benny Rogers (New York), 10-0 0:48
132 Gage Wright (West Virginia) VFA Henry Nelson (North Dakota), 8-8 3:00
132 Gavin Gust (Minnesota) VSU1 Isaac Felchle (North Dakota), 18-8 3:37
138 Brock Fettig (North Dakota) VSU Lj Davenport (Missouri), 10-0 2:45
138 Thor Michaelson (Washington) VPO1 Brock Fettig (North Dakota), 12-5
138 Brock Fettig (North Dakota) VPO1 Aiden Bowers (Tennessee), 9-6
138 Evan Bennett (Ohio) VFA Brock Fettig (North Dakota), 4-4 1:14
145 Benjamin Nagel (North Dakota) VFA Collin Switzler (Oregon), 4-0 0:36
145 Jared Stricker (Wisconsin) VSU1 Benjamin Nagel (North Dakota), 13-3 1:57
145 Adam Kruse (Nebraska) VSU Benjamin Nagel (North Dakota), 10-0 2:30
152 Dexter Carpenter (North Dakota) VFA Maxwell Hall (Massachusetts), 14-5 3:23
152 Garrett Davis (Kansas) VPO1 Dexter Carpenter (North Dakota), 6-2
152 Avante Williams (Texas) VPO1 Dexter Carpenter (North Dakota), 2-1
182 Griffin Gammell (Iowa) VPO1 Nathan Schauer (North Dakota), 10-9
182 Dominic Falcone (Pennsylvania) VPO1 Isaiah Huus (North Dakota), 5-4
182 Nathan Schauer (North Dakota) VPO1 Mason Lumbra (New York), 10-7
182 Isaiah Huus (North Dakota) VSU Nathaniel Brown (Oregon), 10-0 1:23
182 Nathan Schauer (North Dakota) VPO1 Maxwell Gourley (Pennsylvania), 10-4
182 Isaiah Huus (North Dakota) VSU Owen Warren (South Dakota), 10-0 0:37

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