Kindred’s Brooke Leedahl to Wrestle for Seventh at U16 Nationals

Nine U16 women took to the mat Saturday, and Kindred’s Brooke Leedahl will wrestle in the 180 pound seventh place match tomorrow afternoon.  Leedahl was 2-2 on day one of competition, scoring a first period fall and 10-0 technical fall before dropping to the seventh place bout.  Nine wrestlers represents largest group USA Wrestling of North Dakota has sent to the U16women’s national championships.  Taylor Fierbach (Spearfish, SD) and Alana Schafer (West Fargo) joined Leedahl by finishing 2-2 on the day, though neither made it through to the placement rounds.
North Dakota Cadet Women Results
100 Marisol Rodriguez (California) VSU1 Jenna Gerhardt (North Dakota), 12-2 3:51
100 Kadence Beck (Idaho) VFA Jenna Gerhardt (North Dakota), 8-2 0:35
106 Faith Cole (Missouri) VFA Morgan Strandberg (North Dakota), 4-0 0:57
106 Chloe Ayres (New Jersey) VSU Morgan Strandberg (North Dakota), 10-0 3:44
117 Elizabeth Massine (North Dakota) VSU1 Ella Musselman (Texas), 13-2 3:21
117 Jennifer Soto (California) VSU1 Elizabeth Massine (North Dakota), 10-0 0:27
117 Kylie Rule (Wisconsin) VSU1 Elizabeth Massine (North Dakota), 12-2 3:07
132 Taylor Fierbach (North Dakota) VPO1 Kira Kerr (Oregon), 9-3
132 Athena Willden (California) VFA Taylor Fierbach (North Dakota), 6-4 2:19
132 Madison Sandquist (Texas) VPO1 Alana Schafer (North Dakota), 12-2
132 Taylor Fierbach (North Dakota) VSU1 Kaylen Escaloni (Kentucky), 12-2 1:12
132 Alana Schafer (North Dakota) VPO1 Leah Nastri (Washington), 12-4
132 Alana Schafer (North Dakota) VPO1 Madison Byroads (Oklahoma), 8-2
132 Nina Makem (Minnesota) VPO1 Taylor Fierbach (North Dakota), 15-13
132 Piper Cadden (Arizona) VPO1 Alana Schafer (North Dakota), 7-7
164 Alycia Pidgeon (Washington) VFA Britney Leedahl (North Dakota), 6-0 0:42
164 Bianca Pesole (California) VFA Britney Leedahl (North Dakota), 3-0 0:28
180 Brooke Leedahl (North Dakota) VFA Ainsley Peterson (Minnesota), 6-0 1:15
180 Brianna Staebler (Wisconsin) VSU Brooke Leedahl (North Dakota), 13-0 1:15
180 Brooke Leedahl (North Dakota) VSU Makansira Keita (New York), 10-0 1:34
180 Fiona Mcconnell (Oregon) VFA Brooke Leedahl (North Dakota), 9-0 1:45

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