Bison Wrestling Club Headed to Vegas

*Image Courtesy Austin Bernard – OWrestle/Tech-Fall

The Bison Wrestling Club is headed to Las Vegas to compete in the US Open at both the Junior and Senior levels.  West Fargo’s Brandon Metz is the lone Bison competitor in the senior division. Metz is entered in both the Greco-Roman and Freestyle divisions.

Nine Bison wresters, many who redshirted last season, are entered in the Junior division.  Four-time North Dakota state champion from West Fargo Jared Franek is entered in the 70 K.G. weight class.

Bison at the US OPEN 


57KG McGwire Midkiff Bison Wrestling Club

65 KG  Sam Stuhl Bison Wrestling Club

65 KGDylan Droegemueller Bison Wrestling Club

70 KG Jaden Van Maanen Bison Wrestling Club

70 KG Jared Franek Bison Wrestling Club

74 KG Austin Brenner Bison Wrestling CLib

74 KG James Noel Bison Wrestling Club

86 KG TJ Pottinger Bison Wrestling Club

92 KG Noah Cressell Bison Wrestling Club


125 KG Brandon Metz Bison Wrestling Club

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