Podcast 314: Battle of the Barrel

Mr. Headlock and The Coach begin by patting outseoves on the back, and then get right into the important issues of the week:

-Ryan Blees:  ACC wrestler of the week for the second straight week

-NDSU:  Heartbreaker against Iowa State and butt kicking of Air Force

-Start your region finals were you want to tournaemtn directors!

-A breakdown of Mary and Minot State in the Battle for the Barrel


<a href=”https://ndheadlock.podbean.com/mf/play/3jysbr/Kayle_Dangerud_on_2018-02-07_at_20_29.mp3″>Download this episode (right click and save)</a>

One thought on “Podcast 314: Battle of the Barrel

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