Promote Your Camp at ND Wrestle Camp Central

Schools, Clubs, and Coaches:
Starting today, promote your camp on the ND Headlock webpage using any of the following three options:
$25:  List your camp on the ND Headlock Camp Central webpage.  ND Headlock’s Camp Central page is a calendar of area camps that will include a jpeg image of your camp or school logo, basic camp information, and links to any flier or waiver attachments relating to your camp.  Email ND Headlock ( with all the pertinent details, and admin will list your camp within 48 hours of request.
$75:  Along with a listing at ND Headlock Camp Central, ND Headlock will post an original article promoting your camp on the ND Headlock home page, and share with the nearly 1,000 Facebook and Twitter followers as well.  You tell us what you want important points you want highlighted, and we will make it happen.
$150:  Receive each of the previous two promotion tools, plus a 728 X 90 banner advertisement in the ND Headlock header that will show up on each page opened at ND Headlock until the start of your camp.  Banner advertisement will link to camp flier, camp website, or wherever you would like.
Contact Mr. Headlock Rick Mathern at today.  Support the continued promotion of North Dakota wrestling and get your camp POSTED!

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