Class A First Round Matches to Watch

 Finding a Class A upset in the first round of the North Dakota
State Individual Tournament is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  Luckily, you have Mr. Headlock here to give you the list of the most likely competitive matches in Round 1.

Preston Fettig (Bismarck) vs. #3 Karsen Mosbrucker (Mandan)

Quade Slater (Williston) vs. #5 Seth Berg (Mandan)
Tate Laducer (Turtle Mountain) vs. #7 Declan Genova (West Fargo)

Alec Humble (Grand Forks Central) vs.  #8 Braden Hatcher (Jamestown)

Jordan Schmidt (Bismarck) vs. #7 Tate Nordby (Dickinson)

Mason Steckler (Bismarck) vs. #8 Joseph Masumbuko (West Fargo)

Jake Tangen (Valley City) vs. #7 Ronald Wilkie (Turtle Mountain)

Sam England (Dickinson) vs. #8 Inno Nsengyumia (Davies)

Wyatt Willenbring (Minot) vs. #4 Sam Harris (St. Mary’s)
Koby Brunelle (Turtle Mountain) vs. #5 Riley Roesler (Century)

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