Mary Lineup Preview 174-184



Depth Chart

174 Starter Next Man Potential Redshirt
FR Evan Frisque

Sean Holk

SR Austin Eichmann

Last season, Mary’s Austin Eichmann had a rough start.  That said, no one on the Marauder roster finished stronger.  Eichmann went from a question mark in Mary’s lineup to bon-a-fide All American contender in about a month of work, and it was a lot of fun to watch.  With Dante Springsteen moving into Eichmann’s spot at 165, Eichmann will head up to 174 and All American Phil Springsteen will leap all the way to 184.  If Eichmann is at the level he was to end last season and is able to match the strength of the guys at 174, this move will make Mary’s mid-upper weights its strongerst part of  the lineup.  Eichmann showed last season that at his best, he is capable of qualifying for nationals and earning All American honors.  Let’s hope it all plays out that way in Eichmann’s final season in the Blue and Orange.


Depth Chart

184 Starter Next Man Potential Redshirt
FR Grant Litke

Darius Mynar

JR Phil Springsteen

The highlighting point of this year’s Mary roster is that All American Phil Springsteen is back.  Even better, Springsteen still has two years of competition remaining.  For the second consecutive season, Springsteen is moving up in weight; this time from his All American weight of 174 to 184.  Springsteen faces the same question entering this year as he did moving from 165-174 last season;  will his unbelievable strength and game changing length be compromised up a weight class.  Last year, the answer was ultimately no.  That said, there was an early season adjustment period that saw some questionable losses.  I think fans can probably expect the same thing this season.  Every national qualifier from Mary’s Super Regional graduated last spring, so the weight class clears out and leaves the opportunity for Springsteen to step in and make his mark.

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