Christian Tanefeu Advances to Cadet Greco Semis; Huus Doubles Up

Christian Tanefeu rebounded in a big way after not finishing on the podium in the Cadet Freestyle tournament.  Seeded second after a runner-up Greco finish last summer in the Junior division, Tanefeu recorded three consecutive shutout technical falls before defeating Minnesota’s Zachary Silvis in the quarterfinals 6-2.  Tanefeu will wrestle Horatio Godinez of Washington in tomorrow’s semifinal round.

Isaiah Huss took an 8-3 loss in the quarterfinals to Branson Britten of Texas, but rebounded with dominant technical fall in the blood round to ensure he will leave Fargo a double All American.  Huus finished sixth in Freestyle Monday afternoon.  Huus will wrestle Owen Warren of South Dakota in the consolation round of four tomorrow morning.

Ashley”s Nathan Schauer and Jamestown’s Aden Braun both had fantastic tournaments that ended two rounds from All American status.  After a valiant second period comeback, Braun came up just short to Utah’s Will Korth via 10-9 decision.  Schauer led 4-0 late against Austin Long of Oklahoma but gave up a heartbreaking takedown and gut wrench in the final seconds and was beaten 5-4 after review.

106 Aden Braun (North Dakota) VFA Tash Nguyen (California), 12-2 1:32
106 Christian Tanefeu (North Dakota) VSU Lacy Harvey (Ohio), 11-0 0:48
106 Mitchell Neiner (Washington) VPO1 Aden Braun (North Dakota), 6-4
106 Christian Tanefeu (North Dakota) VSU Cael Larson (South Dakota), 11-0 1:03
106 Aden Braun (North Dakota) VSU1 Bubba Wright (Kansas), 12-2 3:01
106 Christian Tanefeu (North Dakota) VSU Shelton Chastain (Oklahoma), 10-0 1:20
106 Aden Braun (North Dakota) VFA Trenton Ward (Utah), 4-3 1:48
106 Aden Braun (North Dakota) VPO1 Shelton Chastain (Oklahoma), 7-3
106 Christian Tanefeu (North Dakota) VPO1 Zachary Silvis (Minnesota), 6-2
106 Will Korth (Utah) VPO1 Aden Braun (North Dakota), 10-9
120 Wilfried Tanefeu (North Dakota) VSU Mason Buss (Oregon), 10-0 0:22
120 Nain Vazquez (Illinois) VSU Kaden Decoteau (North Dakota), 10-0 0:49
120 Hunter Mason (Tennessee) VSU Houston Crimmins (North Dakota), 10-0 1:29
120 Wilfried Tanefeu (North Dakota) VPO Cooper Price (Pennsylvania), 3-0
120 Ayden Rader (Pennsylvania) VFA Kaden Decoteau (North Dakota), 7-4 1:39
120 Cooper French (Arizona) VSU Houston Crimmins (North Dakota), 12-0 3:59
120 Wilfried Tanefeu (North Dakota) VPO1 Antoine Walker (California), 7-6
120 Nicolar Rivera (Wisconsin) VSU Wilfried Tanefeu (North Dakota), 10-0 0:56
120 Gabriel Taboa (Idaho) VPO1 Wilfried Tanefeu (North Dakota), 7-4
126 Reece Barnhardt (North Dakota) VSU Emmett Perry (Ohio), 12-0 0:42
126 Ramon Ramos (Arizona) VPO1 Reece Barnhardt (North Dakota), 12-6
126 Reece Barnhardt (North Dakota) VSU Nikolas Jimenez (Illinois), 10-0 1:41
126 Reece Barnhardt (North Dakota) VSU Ruben Romero (California), 10-0 2:52
126 Nicco Ruiz (California) VPO1 Reece Barnhardt (North Dakota), 8-2
132 Jarrod Pominville (Georgia) VSU1 Henry Nelson (North Dakota), 15-4 2:25
132 Jack Crook (Florida) VPO1 Kaden Renner (North Dakota), 14-6
132 Hudson Neeley (Oklahoma) VSU Henry Nelson (North Dakota), 12-0 1:34
132 Wyatt Mcdermott (Wyoming) VFA Kaden Renner (North Dakota), 4-0 0:44
145 Brock Fettig (North Dakota) VFA Aydin Rix mcelhinney (Maine), 4-0 0:22
145 Robbie Allred (Washington) VSU Benjamin Nagel (North Dakota), 11-0 1:49
145 Jake Matthews (Illinois) VFA Benjamin Nagel (North Dakota), 9-0 1:41
145 Robert Perez iii (California) VSU Brock Fettig (North Dakota), 10-0 1:13
145 Jack Mcclimon (Illinois) VPO1 Brock Fettig (North Dakota), 13-7
152 Jared Simma (Kansas) VFA Dany Tanefeu (North Dakota), 4-0 0:50
152 Vincent Page (North Carolina) VPO Dexter Carpenter (North Dakota), 9-0
152 Max Sailor (South Dakota) VSU1 Dany Tanefeu (North Dakota), 13-2 2:39
152 Caden Ernd (Illinois) VSU Dexter Carpenter (North Dakota), 10-0 1:19
182 Isaiah Huus (North Dakota) VFA Dallas Reed (Ohio), 6-3 1:45
182 Nathan Schauer (North Dakota) VPO1 Renato Bezerra (California), 9-3
182 Isaiah Huus (North Dakota) VSU1 Jacob Meissner (Minnesota), 13-2 3:46
182 Jack Darrah (Missouri) VSU1 Nathan Schauer (North Dakota), 13-3 4:00
182 Isaiah Huus (North Dakota) VPO Bradley Hill (Iowa), 8-0
182 Branson Britten (Texas) VPO1 Isaiah Huus (North Dakota), 8-3
182 Austin Long (Oklahoma) VPO1 Nathan Schauer (North Dakota), 5-4
182 Isaiah Huus (North Dakota) VSU Cayden Homme (Minnesota), 11-0 4:0

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