NDwrestle D2 Nationals Live Blog

*NCAA wrestling championships begin at 11:00 AM EST Friday, March 8.  NDwrestle will live update each match involving Mary, Minot State, and MSU-Moorhead wrestlers.  Updates will roll in minutes after the completion of each match.  All images can be shared with courtesy to NDwrestle.

1215 EST: Consolation semi at 133. Tate Barnhardt gives up an early takedown and two neafall. He is down 4-0 after the first.

Barnhardt takes neutral and scores a point for n illegal move from his opponent. 4-1 match score a minute into the second.

4-1 entering the third SFS takes bottom.

Reversal for SFS Barnhardt now behind 6-1.

Barnhardt goes down 7-1. He will wrestle for fifth.

11:23: Mary’s Phil Springsteen takes an early 2-0 lead with a takedown. Is called for an illegal hold and gives up one point, but rides out the first period 2-1 with :56 I’m riding time.

To start the second, Springsteen give up two reversal and two separate two point besrfall points. Springsteen down 7-2.

Springsteen escapes 7-3 now :34 left in the second.

Another takedown and neafall and Springsteen is down 11-3 to start the third period.

10:15 EST: Tate Barnhardt semifinal vs. Tyler Warner of Wheeling Jesuit.

No score 1:30 into the first

Period ends 0-0. Barnhardt chive he defers Warner goes down.

Escape and two takedown for Warner he leads 3-0 a minute into the second period.

Three false starts in a row from Warner and Barnhardt steals a point. 3-1 now.

Barnhardt gets ridden out to end the second period 3-1. Warner with 1:02 of riding time.

Barnhardt takes neutral. Lots of attacks and a stalling point awarded, but Barnhardt can’t find a takedown and loses 4-2.

7:46 EST: Phil Springsteen headed to the mat with All American status on the line.

First period ends tied 0-0.

Notre Dame chooses down to start the second. he is up and it immediately for a 1-0 lead.

Springsteen finds a counter attack single leg, ref initially gives two but waves it off. Aho throws the challenge brick. Doubt this will be overturned.

2 point takedown for Notre Dame. Quick escape for Springsteen it’s 3-1 now.

Injury time for for Notre Dame. Springsteen’s choice and he goes down.

Springsteen is up and out. Immediately gets two takedown and Notre Dame come up injured again. Springsteen leads 7-3 and will have choice again.

7-3 to start the third period Springsteen chooses top.

Stalling point for Springsteen. He now leads 8-3.

Another stall point for Springsteen he leads 9-3 now.

10-3 final score and Phil Springsteen is an All American!

7:04: Jordan Will of Minot State gets thrown and pinned in the first period. This ending tourney for Will and Minot State as a team.

7:00 EST: All American round starts with Moorhead’s Cole Jones looking to get on the podium. Jones with the early takedown, but he is reversed.

Jones then secures a reversal of his own to make the score 4-2 at the end of the first period.

6-4 entering the third period. Jones goes down.

Takedown for Andretta, escape for Jones and the score is 8- 6

Jones with the takedown to make the score 10-6. He is an All American!

6:47 EST: Jordan Magnuson of Moorhead down 0-2 entering the third period. Magnuson gave up an escape and stalling point. He chooses down to start the third.

Quick escap for Magnuson and he cuts the deficit to one with 1:30 left.

Flurry to end it but Magnuson isn’t able to score. He falls 2-1 and is eliminated

6:08 EST: Mary’s Phil Springsteen ties at zero midway through the first period.

Springsteen’s opponent goes down and gets away, but not until Phil locks up riding time.

Springsteen chooses bottom to start the third and gets a second stall call for a point, plus the escape. Springsteen up 2-1 with 1:38 to go.

Springsteen gets a stall call with three seconds on the clock. Stall puts Springsteen ahead 3-2!

Springsteen wins 3-2! He will wrestle tomorrow!

5:25 EST:  Minot State’s Jered Sublet gives up an early takedown and 2:00 of riding time in the first period.  Sublet goes down in the second and is unable to get away.  He is behind 2-0 entering the third period.

Sublet goes fown by 4-0 decision to Angelo Robles of UIndy.  That ends Sublet’s tournament.

5:24 EST:  Mary’s Tate Barnhardt is headed to the NCAA semifinals.  Barnhardt locks up All American status with a dominant 8-2 decision over Tanner Hitchcock of Lindenwood!

2:25 EST:

Mary’s Lalo Jaime scores an early takedown to take a 2-0 lead.

After riding for :39 seconds, Jaime gives up a reversal to opponent Derek Berberek of Shippensburg  Period ends 2-2.

Berberek goes down and gets away to take the 3-2 lead.

Berberek gets the takedown with :20 left in the second period and rides the rest of the period out.  Berberek leads 5-2 entering the third.  Jaime takes bottom.

Berberek scores four nearfall and pins Jaime in a tilt.  Jaime’s first NCAA tournament ends.


1:45EST: Minot State’s Jordan will is taken down right away in the first period. And gives up a stall warning.

Wilson adds four back points and will is down 6-0 early

Escape for Will and it’s 6-1 after the first. Wilson with 2:00 of riding time.

Wilson goes down to start the second and escapes quickly to make it 7-1.  Period ends 7-1.

Will takes down to start the second and gets out to make the match score 7-2.  Will is able to get a few stalling points, but it wasn’t.  Jordan will goes down 7-4.


1:40 EST: Moorhead’s Jordan Magnuson drops a 9-3 decision to the top ranked Terrance Fanning from Wheeling Jesuit.

D1J72QKX4AEXF9F12:55 EST Springsteen to the mat vs. #1 Supernaw. Springsteen with the takedown one minute He leads 2-0.

Springsteen goes over a minute of riding time.

Period ends with Springsteen ahead 2-0 and over 2:00 or riding time

Supernaw takes neutral and gets a quick takedown. Springsteen escapes. Another takedown for Supernaw he now leads 4-3.

4-3 to start the third and Springsteen takes too. He goes back over 1:00 riding time so the score is 4-4 for all intents and purposes.

Springsteen warmed for stalling with 1:00 remaining. Supernaw gets a clasp call plus a reversal and now takedown to finish he match. Springsteen goes down to #1 Supernaw 9-4.

12:05 EST: At exactly the same time, Mary’s Tate Barnhardt secures a 4-0 decision and Minot State’s Jered Sublet goes down in overtime. Sublet led 6-5 late before the referees awarded an escape to tie the match at 6-6 with 0:00 on the clock.  Minot State’s HC Evan Forde was not happy.  Forde attempted to challenge the call, but the refs sent the match to overtime.

In the overtime period, the referees awarded what seemed like a very quick takedown for Sublet’s opponent.  Sublet goes down in dramatic fashion 8-6.

11:50 EST:  Mary’s Gerardo Jaime falls gives up a fall in the pigtail round. He falls to the wrestlebacks.

11:45 EST: Phil Springsteen wins his pigtail match via first period fall.  Will have #1 Brandon Supernaw coming up in the round of 16.


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