Demons Edge Midgets 37-30 for WDA Crown

Ryan Ripplinger scored a technical fall over DIckinson’s Matthew Meschke in the firs tbout of the evening. Image Courtesy Misti Boese

Bismarck High won eight of fourteen matches Friday evening in Dickinson, sealing the West Region title, and with it the #1 seed at the state dual tournament.  Dickinson put forth a strong effort, leading by as much as 27-11 before Bismarck High’s run of hammers, starting with 285 Chase Dockter, got rolling.  Bismarck’s ability to match blue chipper Ryan Ripplinger with state ranked Matthew Meschke in the first match of the night went a long way in determining the dual outcome.  The Demons won the disk flip, and when Dickinson showed Meschke at 145, Ripplinger went out and scored a quick technical fall to give the Demons the first win of the match. A pin from 152 Brandt Kringlie gave the Demons an 11-0 lead before Dickinson won the next five matches.  During that run, the Midgets scored one forfeit, three pins, and a decision from #2 ranked Tanner Jarrett over Bismarck’s Connor McGregor.

With Dickinson in control at 27-11, Chase Dockter received a forfeit to make the match 27-17.  From there, brothers Wilfried and Christian Tanefeu scored back to back major decisions at 106 and 113 to make the match 27-25.  A technical fall from Bismarck’s Brock Fettig at 120, followed by a major decision from Laken Boese at 126 gave Bismarck a 34-30 lead with two matches to go.  Bismarck then inserted alternate Jayden Schmidt at 132 against Dickinson’s #2 ranked Jaron Berger.  Schmidt did the job, giving up a decision that made the dual score 34-30 with one match to go.  The insertion of Schmidt  allowed Bismarck to bump state ranked Preston Fettig to 138, where he clinched the dual win with a 5-3 decision over Cody Booth.

Dickinson locked up the two seed in the WDA when they defeated Minot High earlier in the evening.

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