NDwrestle Class A Preseason Rankings

The NDwrestle Class B Preseason Rankings are here.  There are some wrestlers missing from the rankings because they are working through fall injuries.  NDwrestle wishes  any  wrestlers on the mend, or those whose season was lost before it even began, best wishes for speedy recoveries.  Any injured wrestlers will be added to the rankings should they return at any point this season.  Wrestlers are listed based on a survey given to coaches asking what weight the wrestler projects to start the season at.  A few coaches on the A side did not respond.  In that case, wrestlers were generally ranked one weight class about where they were at last season.  As is always the case, there will be a lot of movement between now and February.  The first 106 pound rankings will release when rankings are updated for the first time December 3rd.  Until then, you have a sneak peek of the list of wrestlers projected to make noise at the lightest weight class this season.  There was a lot to process, and I’m sure I screwed up somewhere!  If you have any questions or comments, please direct to ndheadlock@yahoo.com

106 School
HM Christian Tanefeu Bismarck
HM Aden Braun Jamestown
HM Tyler Porter West Fargo
HM Jacob Ersland Century
HM Koye Grebel Valley CIty
HM Ethan Miller Valley CIty
113 School
1 Neal Bohrer Century
2 Kaleb Porter West Fargo
3 Henry Nelson Dickinson
4 Tyson Gass Grand Forks Central
5 Ashise Gurung Fargo South
6 Wilfried Tanefeu Bismarck
120 School
1 Reece Barnhardt St. Mary’s Central
2 Kelby Armstrong Minot
3 Jacob Thomas Fargo South
4 Hayden Johnsrud Century
5 Brock Fettig Bismarck
6 Kaden Renner Bismarck
1 Laken Boese Bismarck
2 Clay Radenz Century
3 Jaren Berger Dickinson
4 Jakob Blumhagen Legacy
5 Danny Monatukwa North
6 Ben Weigum Century
132 School
1 Drew Steidler St. Mary’s Central
2 Ethan Bowman Jamestown
3 Brendan Johnson Dickinson
4 Devin Schulz Century
5 Preston Fettig Bismarck
6 Maverick Martin Legacy
138 School
1 Ryan Ripplinger Bismarck
2 Dalton McKenzie Williston
3 Corey Hooker Minot
4 Parker Larson Valley City
5 Will Kleinknecht Mandan
6 Tate Laducer Turtle Mountain
145 School
1 Trevon McClaanahan Minot
2 Ethan Fleck Mandan
3 Matthew Rader Century
4 Brandt Kringlie Bismarck
5 Troy Berg Dickinson
6 Alec Humble Grand Forks Central
152 School
1 Raif Horswill Williston
2 Noah Braun Jamestown
3 Matthew Meschke Dickinson
4 Chase Burke Minot
5 James Fisk Devils Lake
6 Faustin Ndikumwenayo Davies
160 School
1 Tate Nordby Dickinson
2 Kolten Reisenauer Mandan
3 Gage Roaldson Bismarck
4 Bryant Nelson Century
5 Parker Vilandre Devils Lake
6 Comstock Krenz Williston
170 School
1 Jaden Mairs Davies
2 David Peterson Valley City
3 Will Rohrich Grand Forks Central
4 Caleb Usher Dickinson
5 Nolan Demery Turtle Mountain
6 Luke Knowski devils Lake
182 School
1 Cade Pederson West Fargo
2 Kameron Clark Dickinson
3 Colby Rance Devils Lake
4 Connor McGregor Bismarck
5 Levi LaFountain Turtle Mountain
6 Aaron Mack Jamestown
195 School
1 Matt Kaylor Legacy
2 Louis DeCoteau Turtle Mountain
3 Robert Serumgard Devils Lake
4 Houston Visto West Fargo
5 Sam Krebs Jamestown
6 Jorge Talamantes Minot
220 School
1 Jacob Boehm Mandan
2 Paul VanDal Jamestown
3 Grant Sullivan Grand Forks Central
4 Preston Jones Minot
5 Caleb Sjostrom Davies
6 Josh Krump Wahpeton
HWT School
1 Chase Dockter Bismarck
2 Jaden Oestern Valley City
3 Brandon Steinhauer West Fargo
4 Konnor Stordalen Century
5 Seth Baker Turtle Mountain
6 Levi Haugen Mandan

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