Mary Lineup Preview 157-165

Previous Mary Previews:  125-133, 141-149,


Depth Chart

157 Starter  Next Man Up Keep your eye on
FR Isaac Berger Payton Hume

Anthony Velazquez

RFR Luis Alvarado  

Filling the void left behind by All American Jared Reis will be no easy task, but Mary has a number of strong freshman that head coach Adam Aho is confident can step in and make immediate noise at the weight class.  You will likely see redshirts from Anthony Velazquez and Payton Hume.  Hume, a two-time state finalist from Kalispell, MT, should be familiar to North Dakota wrestling fans because he competed for Team North Dakota at Junior Duals.  Hume is a “throw the kitchen sink” type of wrestler that can is comfortable in uncomfortable positions like the double overhooks he used to win at the Dean Walker Memorial Throwdown scrimmage in September.   Mandan two-time state champion Isaac Berger will likely shoulder the load for Mary to start the year.  Berger’s talent is unquestionable.  He has a fantastic flow on the mat and has been dominant against in-state Class A competition over the last two seasons.  There is a great chance Berger hits the ground running and really impresses as a Freshman provided he adapts well to the grin of a long college season.  Luis Alvarado, a redshirt freshman from Victorville, CA, is also an option at 157.  Alvarado was 4-10 as a redshirt last season.


Depth Chart

165 Starter Next Man Up  Keep Your Eye On
JR Austin Eichmann
SR Jacob Green

NSIC freshman of the year Phil Springsteen is head up to 174 this year, and 174 Austin Eichmann is coming down.  Aho believes that this now puts both wresters at their optimum competition weight.  Eichmann had some nice moments at 174 last year, but finished just below .500 with a 12-13 record.  The move down to 165 should benefit Eichmann from the top position, where he is fantastic but struggled keeping guys on the mat at 174 last season.  Behind Eichmann is senior journeyman Jacob Green.  Green has been a utility knife of sorts for Aho over the last three seasons on campus and will provide strong experience if called into action.

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