2018 Dragons Wrestling Camp Set for June 25-27

MSUM Banner AdMinnesota State Moorhead’s Dragons wrestling camp is set for a Monday June 25 start date.  The camp, led by MSUM head coach Kris Nelson and assistant Blake Bosch, has an even stronger North Dakota flavor than usual.  On top of North Dakota Region 1 natives Nelson and Bosch, the camp will also feature current Dragon wrestler Adam Bless and his high school coach Jeff Schumacher, as well as Wahpeton’s Justin Solberg and North Dakota wrestling legend Bret Maughan.


Wrestlers attending the camp will develop their skills in: Folkstyle wrestling, concentrating on the top, bottom and neutral positions. Wrestlers will learn basic and advanced techniques which include: Takedowns, pins, near falls, escapes, reversals, riding and counter offense. These steps will be taught in progression. The techniques that are taught are proven to work against all levels of competition.

Campers will be placed in situations and wrestle live at the end of each technique session.  Wrestlers will be placed in live situations against each other according to size and experience.  The camp will also touch base on “Goal Setting” and having a “Winning Attitude” when it comes to the mat.

Register for the MSUM wrestling Camp HERE


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