Concordia Set to Open New Wrestling Facility

Wrestling-Room-Gray-and-maroon-outlineSecond year Concordia head coach Phil Moenkedick is ready for the upcoming wrestling season.  After a tough finish to last year in which none of the six Cobber national qualifiers made the podium, there is a lot to look forward to moving into 2017-18.  Moenkedick’s lineup returns six national qualifiers.  On top of that, this fall the wrestling team will move into a brand new wrestling-only facility.  The facility is a block and a half from campus in a building that was previously used as an elementary school.  In 2014, administration gave Concordia wrestling the go-ahead to raise the $800,000 dollars to make the project happen.

The difference between old and new for the Concordia wrestling team is huge.  The old room was just one full mat, with a low ceiling and no extra room for other equipment.    The new facility will be wrestling specific;  including two full mats, adjacent cardio area, wall graphics throughout, and an open locker room with 46 lockers and shower/bathroom area.  On top of that, there will be a public bathroom, athletic training room with revocery cold tub area, coaches locker room, coaches suite with office, recruiting, and film space. The wrestling room will also include climbing ropes, gymnastics rings, and wall anchors for bungees, ropes, etc…

Concordia Administration showed its continued support and commitment for the program by making the new facility a priority; something invaluable given the current state of college athletics and wrestling specifically.

“Our administration has always been behind wrestling here at Concordia, and this is just another example of what they have continuously done to help propel our success on the mat,” Monekedick noted.

Cobbler alumni were also instrumental in making this project happen, giving generously so the future of the program shines brighter than ever.  Moenkedick expects the new room to be the center of recruiting for future generations of Cobber wrestlers.

The room began construction in early August, and should be completed by late October/early November.

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