ND Headlock Announces New Partnership

For the last 18 months, ND Headlock has brought more original wrestling content to North Dakota wrestling fans than any media source before it.  ND Headlock was launched in November of 2015 as a way for me to stay connected to North Dakota wrestling while following Mrs. Headlock’s career in Illinois.  It has been a great joy to watch it develop in to a cult following with over 1,000 followers across multiple social media platforms.  In effort to give North Dakota wrestling fans better coverage, it is privilege to announce that ND Headlock will join forces with IAwrestle to bring about the next chapter in North Dakota wrestling media, NDwrestle.  NDwrestle will allow me to combine all of the great things wrestling fans love about the current website with the expertise of the group that has changed the way fans consume wrestling in the state of Iowa.

We are set to launch on June 1, but in the meantime, I want to give North Dakota wrestling fans a chance to hear about a future vision with NDwrestle.


Hello –

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ross Bartachek and I am one of the owners of IAwrestle.com and NEwrestle.com. Three years ago four avid wrestling fans in Iowa decided to get together and start a site that promotes wrestling of all levels – youth, high school, college, and international – purely out of the hopes of bettering our sport. What came next was incredible growth and we have quickly turned ourselves into the destination in Iowa for wrestling news.

Since then we have expanded into Nebraska, and our Iowa website was named this year’s Website of the year by the National Wrestling Media Association. When we saw what Rick was doing here at ND Headlock we knew right away that this was a person who shared the same amount of passion for the sport of wrestling that we do, and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pool our resources to hopefully take wrestling coverage in the state of North Dakota to the next level.

What will be changing for you the readers of ND Headlock?

Our companies are built on a brand, so the first change you will be noticing is that all of the new North Dakota content will be posted on NDwrestle.com. Our team is more familiar with a different platform and site setup, so in addition to the web address changing, the layout of the new site will be changed to match that of our other states.

Where are the benefits for you, the reader?

Well for one Rick, who again let me say has done a tremendous job, but he has done it all on his own. With this partnership Rick will get some more help when it comes to providing stories or sharing results. You may see my name on the byline from time to time and more information is a win for you!

What about the podcast? Is it moving too?

One of the great things about ND Headlock is the podcast Rick started. Fear not ND Headlock fans, the podcast is not going anywhere. You won’t have to change any settings on your phone to get the latest episode. The only potential change for the podcast, is we are hoping to help Rick develop a live component which means that the diehard fans will be able to listen earlier AND be able to ask questions live.

The new site is currently live at NDwrestle.com so feel free to head over there now to get an early look at the future. I know that we for sure are excited about the future of ND Headlock/ NDwrestle and we hope you are too!

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